To purchase ApprovalSoft®, or if you have any further questions, call us at (949) 250-0260 ext. 201.

We recommend the following specifications:

For File Servers:

Processor: Xeon® processor, Dual or Quad core, 2Ghz or better.
Ram: 2Gb (minimum), 4Gb recommended.
For Hard Drive, the following guide should be used:

Transactions Images Database
200 200MB 2MB
2000 2GB 20MB
20,000 20GB 200MB
200,000 200GB 2GB
2,000,000 2TB 20GB

For Network Operating Systems:

We recommend the Windows® 2008 or Windows® 2003 Operating system from Microsoft, be used on the File server.

File Structure: NTFS Communication Protocol: TCPIP

For "Client"/Workstation:

We recommend a Pentium IV or better with at least 1GB of RAM.

Most new machines are being configured with at least 1GB of hard disk space, we recommend that at least 200Mb of local hard disk space be available on each client workstation.

For “Client” Operating Systems:

Windows® XP Pro, Windows® 7 or Windows® Vista. Earlier operating systems will NOT be sufficient.

For “Client” Monitors:

Must be capable of screen resolution equal to 1020 by 768 pixels.