ApprovalSoft® is a comprehensive, user-defined approach that allows companies to easily manage any kind of approvable event. While initially designed to manage vendor invoices, we quickly decided that even within the vender invoice there was more to approve, such as the vendor itself or new GL accounts to be used. The solution was to build an easy to use system that lets the user define any number of documents or transactions to approve. So, whether it's vendor invoices, journal entries, cash receipts, or even engineering changes, ApprovalSoft® allows you to control your world.

A key feature of the ApprovalSoft® product is its data driven design. Any type of approvable document can be created. Company records, branches, GL accounts, and vendors are among the document types a user may wish to control. Additional “Document types” can be added at any time. This user defined approach gives the product the widest opportunity for use and the greatest potential return on investment. The more reasons you have to use the product, the more use you will get out of it.