Every day, something needs to be approved in your business. Whether it's vendor invoices, journal entries, employee expenses, or even vacaton requests, you have to manage the procedures for each.

ApprovalSoft® streamlines these processes with three steps.

First, you image the document. Then, you approve the document. Finally, you post the approved transaction to your accounting system.

It's that simple.

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We understand that documents pour in from myriad sources. That's why ApprovalSoft® supports primary image and text formats (including PDF and TIFF files), scanning, and even files sent in an email.

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Each document has its own approval steps. You can use our suggested profiles for different document types, or create your own profiles from scratch. ApprovalSoft® makes it easy for you to fully control each aspect of the approval process.

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ApprovalSoft® currently records approved documents in both CSV and XML formats, making integration with larger projects or applications a cinch. Essentially, the integration question boils down to this: Can you import a CSV or XML file to the target system?

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